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Rethink Your Personalization Strategy to Win More Customers

Personalized marketing is a powerful way to engage customers. Nearly 9 in 10 consumers say it impacts their purchase decision.

But for personalization to work, you have to do it right, and the tactics most brands use are predatory, expensive, and don’t really provide clear signals of a consumer’s intent to purchase. 

Identity marketing is a new form of personalization that overcomes these limits by giving brands the ability to deliver gated, personalized offers to consumer tribes who share deep-seated attributes, such as students, teachers, and the military.

When you engage customers based on meaningful aspects of their identity, you create more authentic connections that drive customer acquisition. Identity marketing helps brands:  

    • Increase purchase intent. 
    • Activate word-of-mouth marketing. 
    • Lower acquisition costs. 
    • Respect consumer privacy.

The key to making identity marketing work is to use digital verification to confirm that customers who redeem your offer are eligible for it. This not only prevents discount abuse, it increases the appeal of your offer by making it truly exclusive. 

Read Rethink Your Personalization Strategy to Win More Customers below to learn more about how identity marketing can enhance your personalization strategy and help you acquire loyal customers.