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2021: A Year to Be Thankful

As I look back on 2021, the theme that keeps emerging is gratitude.  

I’m grateful for all the professionals who have been easing the burden of Covid-19. Healthcare workers who care for the sick. Teachers who educate our children. Essential workers who keep our lives afloat. And especially the researchers and scientists who—in record time—developed a vaccine that is stemming the pandemic and helping to restore our lives.  

I’m grateful for the hundreds of brands that use SheerID’s Verification Platform to grow their business. These companies aren’t just valued customers; they’re partners who share our vision of creating a new marketplace where brand relationships are built on trust, reciprocity, and rewarding people’s unique identities. 

But perhaps most of all, I’m grateful for my colleagues and the joy they bring to our work. 

In the video below, they were asked to reflect on past holidays, and the memories they shared are deeply moving. The enduring love baked into a grandmother’s cookies. A treasured chess set from a beloved grandfather. Three sisters’ first Christmas tree. A family forever changed by two inspiring women. 

Their stories remind me that it’s our communities that make our lives rich. And that the greatest gifts are the ones that reawaken our connection to each other. 

On behalf of everyone at SheerID, I wish you a holiday season filled with these gifts and a new year that brings you closer to all the people and things you love.