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Paramount+ Engages Student Subscribers with a Gated Offer

Students are a highly valuable consumer community for many brands. If you capture their attention early, you can nurture them into fiercely loyal followers. Smart marketers know that promotional pricing is the best way to acquire students: 89% of students are more likely to make a purchase if a brand offers them student discount. 

Paramount+ leveraged this approach by offering an exclusive 25% discount to students and verifying their eligibility for it with SheerID. Even with the discount, the campaign paid off with stickier students and better CLV.  Watch the video below to see Holly Yu, senior product marketing manager  for Paramount+, describe their strategy and its success firsthand. 

Your brand can achieve the same kind of success as Paramount. SheerID’s Verification Platform makes it easy to build effective offers and protect them with trusty digital verification. Reach out today to schedule a demo.