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How One Fitness Company is Shaping up Their Business with Personalized Offers

It’s no secret the fitness industry was hit hard by COVID-19. One industry official estimated that gyms lost $7 billion in revenue from the shut down in March until July 1. Today, even as some restrictions have been lifted, the challenges continue. And as the spread of the virus fluctuates, and restrictions alter between tightening and easing, you might say that the industry is getting quite the workout. Despite the challenges, some fitness studios and gyms are surviving. In this webinar, we take an in-depth look at the effect of the coronavirus on the fitness industry, and how one savvy business quickly changed operations to be able to stay open and serve customers. This webinar discusses: - How COVID-19 changed the fitness industry as a whole - The steps P.volve took to pivot and offer new services during the shutdown - How a shift in strategy can help acquire new customers