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SheerID Launches Digital Verification For 30+ Million New Movers Each Year

For the first time, marketers can reach this lucrative segment with personalized digital campaigns 

Portland, OR—August 2, 2021— SheerID, the identity marketing platform used by hundreds of leading brands worldwide, announced the launch of New Movers Verification. For the first time, marketers can now instantly verify new movers and provide them personalized digital offers. SheerID uses numerous authoritative data sources to determine if a person has changed their address or purchased a new home in the last 60 days.

Traditionally, marketers have been limited to sending expensive direct mail and even paper coupons to new movers through the mail, primarily relying on United States Postal Service (USPS) address change data. These campaigns often land long after a move, and they can be costly, hard to measure, and prone to fraud as people share discounts with their network. Furthermore, brands generally don’t reach people online, where consumers are doing more of their shopping.

Marketers can overcome these issues by creating exclusive digital offers for new movers and protecting their valuable programs with SheerID verification to ensure offers are only redeemed by eligible, recent movers. Because these offers are protected, marketers can easily scale promotions without the risk of increased fraud.

“During the first year following a move, there is $310B worth of retail spending, which provides an opportunity for brands to win new business and form new customer relationships as part of this important stage in a person’s life,” said Jake Weatherly, Chief Executive Officer of SheerID. “Our New Movers verification enables brands to target this lucrative market with digital offers and instantly verify their proof of moving.

No matter where a person moves, finding a new home is an important life event that triggers the need for new purchases. The average American moves 11.7 times during their lifetime, and new movers spend an average of $10,000 within their first year following relocation. Homebuyers and movers purchase everything from appliances to furniture to home security and internet service. According to USPS, 31 million people moved in 2019 and nearly 16 million people moved during the first six months of 2020 alone. 

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