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Why Thanking First Responders with a Personalized Offer is Good Business

First responders provide a valuable service every day, but their work during the pandemic has been heroic, starting with their racing again and again into the nursing home that became one of America’s earliest epicenters.

As the world cheers them on, brands are also thanking first responders for their selfless work by giving them personalized offers, such as the generous discounts offered by TIDAL and vineyard vines.

Programs like these are a great way for brands to engage in cause marketing and support the people who need it most.  In a new survey of consumers hardest hit by the pandemic, three in five first responders said a personalized offer made them feel valued. 

It’s also a smart move for marketers because personalized offers increase purchase behavior and generate incredible word of mouth.

When first responders were asked how they would respond if a brand gave them a personalized offer:

  • 52% said they would shop at the brand more frequently. 
  • 61% said they would promote that brand to friends and family. 
  • 98% said they would share the offer with other first responders.

If you’re not yet giving first responders a personalized offer, there’s never been a better time to start than now.

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