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Convert Holiday Shoppers to Year-Round Fans

Retain holiday shoppers all year round.

The original version of this piece appeared as a Multichannel Merchants post.

Holiday sales can offer retailers a major boost—but what happens when the holiday passes and consumers go back to business as usual? How can you persuade shoppers to come back after the Black Friday sale or the Christmas rush? After all, consumers motivated by holiday sales will often continue seeking out price cuts rather than remaining loyal to one company.

If your brand wants to retain these customers beyond the seasonal sales frenzy, you’ll want to first take a look at how you can optimize the shopping experience. Use digital tools to make shopping easy, rewarding, and enjoyable, and remember that mobile-friendly content is crucial, given the rising dominance of mobile commerce. Personalization is essential, making shopping convenient and tailored to individual preferences.

Prioritize content that forges emotional bonds with customers. Emotional connections are powerful, leading to better ad recall and improved customer loyalty. Content that appeals to customers’ identities—whether through professions or shared values—inspires loyalty that transcends price cuts.

Part of creating an emotional connection is recognizing your customers’ identities and rewarding them for it. Instead of generic promotions based on price alone, targeted loyalty offers for groups such as students and healthcare workers make customers feel special. 

Online retailers and marketers who implement these strategies increase their chances of turning one-time holiday shoppers into repeat customers. Use SheerID’s Verification Platform to keep your offers safe and digitally verify customer eligibility as a seamless step in the redemption process. 

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