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Convert Gen Z Consumers Into Loyal Customers

Win the loyalty of Gen Z consumers.

The original version of this piece appeared as a Forbes post.

Marketers face challenges when crafting loyalty programs that cater to Gen Z, a core consumer demographic with distinct values, commercial preferences, and digital habits. The key to attracting and retaining Gen Z lies in respecting their preferences for autonomy, convenience, and authenticity. To achieve this, marketers can take three crucial steps:

First, they can offer flexible payment options—including digital wallets and buy now, pay later services—that attract Gen Z consumers. Gen Z is more inclined to use digital payment methods, so integrating these options into loyalty programs can make transactions easier and more appealing.

Second, they should remember that personalization is vital when it comes to attracting Gen Z customers. Traditional loyalty programs may not resonate with this generation if it takes too long to earn and redeem points. By designing loyalty marketing campaigns that offer rewards for various brand interactions (not just the sale), marketers can enhance their relevancy and appeal to Gen Z.

Finally, keep in mind that Gen Z appreciates brands that align with their philanthropic beliefs and values. Campaigns that recognize and acknowledge their values and identities can foster a deeper connection.

Marketers looking to secure loyal Gen Z customers should consider building exclusive offers specifically for this segment. This technique is proven to boost acquisition, customer lifetime value, and engagement, and with SheerID’s Verification Platform, you can ensure your offer remains truly exclusive for students.

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