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How to Pick the Right Solution to Promote Your Gated Offer

Creating marketing miracles requires more than just wishful thinking. You’ve carefully chosen your strategic plan, but now comes the pivotal moment: bringing that plan to life. For example, the brands we work with at SheerID know they want to acquire students, teachers, military members, or another consumer community with a gated offer, but they often need help choosing the right promotional strategy or partner to reach them.

Getting an offer in front of a new audience can be challenging, particularly if your brand doesn’t have a history of serving these consumers, or if you have a small team stretched to capacity. In order to take your marketing to the next level you have to own the process so that you can control your strategy to effectively reach your target community.

This blog can help you understand the options available to your team for promoting gated offers and ensuring they are set up for success. Whether you want to run a military campaign yourself or enlist support for a worldwide marketing effort to capture students, below are steps you should take and resources you can use when working with SheerID.

Assess Your Internal Capabilities

Consider the expertise and resources you already have in your marketing department and weigh the benefits and costs of keeping this work in-house. Use the table below as a guide. 

Using In-House Marketing Resources

Benefits & Costs Table

Do You Have the Capabilities You Need Internally?

With SheerID, we make it easy for your internal teams to promote your gated offers. The new SheerID Marketing Hub is a central location where you can access free resources designed for your teams to see marketing success. This includes marketing best practices and resources like our GTM playbook, tips for engaging specific communities, and even PR support – all designed to help you sharpen your messages and drive successful campaigns.

You’ll also find forms for listing your offer for free on the SheerID for Shoppers and ISIC Marketplaces to give your promotions optimal exposure to millions of community members. 

Identify Your Specific Needs

Even the most robustly staffed and capable marketing team may need additional resources to help those gated offers land in front of the right eyes in a way that draws their gaze. Consider some of these potential needs:

  • Are there any gaps in your team’s resources or capabilities that an expert partner could fill?
  • Do you have most of the resources you need, but could use a few more hands on deck?
  • Do you have the marketing expertise, but lack audience-specific knowledge for the consumer communities you are targeting?
  • Do you have an existing database or customer list that includes the specific group or groups your offer is for (e.g. students, teachers, healthcare workers, military)?
  • Is your list segmented appropriately to deliver the right messages to these specific audiences?
  • Do you need to purchase additional lists in order to reach those specific groups?
  • Do you have influencers to reach these communities?

Where to Turn When You Need Extra Help

In addition to our DIY resources, the SheerID Marketing Hub features features three products that provide expert marketing resources to help you fill any gap.

Community Outreach

Ensure your offer is seen by as many community members as possible by partnering with agencies that can boost your program’s visibility and engagement.

Community Influencers

Drive more conversions by leveraging powerful community influencers to create authentic, engaging content that promotes your offer and sparks viral engagement.

Community Lists

Target more prospects in your community by working with our trusted data partners who can give you the information you need to run effective email, direct mail, and SMS campaigns.

Plus, enjoy easy access to SheerID marketing experts who can provide training and consultation to help you optimize your programs.

If you’re not sure what you need, schedule a free one-on-one, customized strategy session with one of SheerID’s marketing specialists. They’ll help you meet your marketing and program goals with community insights, best practices for creating messaging and offers, and effective identity marketing tactics. They can also share examples of successful campaigns run by SheerID customers to inspire your marketing.


Choose a Solution Wisely

If your team needs support, keep in mind that the success of your marketing campaign depends on not just finding but easily accessing high-quality partners who understand and specialize in the audiences you want to reach.

SheerID’s Marketing Hub makes that simple. We offer the community products above through three predefined packages.

The Starter Package enables you to swiftly promote your offer to the broader community through Community Outreach.

The DIY Package empowers a more hands-on approach by giving you Community Insights and Community Lists to use in any of your marketing efforts.

The Full Service Package provides comprehensive support and maximum exposure for your brand by allowing SheerID to create and manage your campaigns using Community Outreach and Community Influencers.

We Take the Guesswork Out of Finding the Right Resources

Every product we feature in the Marketing Hub has been carefully curated by SheerID. We make it easy for you to tap into all the marketing and offer expertise you need to engage the consumer communities you want to reach.


Whether you’re doing things in-house or taking advantage of outside resources, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for running a great SheerID program. How and where you engage will depend on variables like audience, budget, campaign objectives, and your team’s capacity.

The keys to success are making sure you are aligning your strategy with the resources you have, taking advantage of the additional resources available to you, and choosing the right partner when you need one.

SheerID’s Marketing Hub is ready to help you own your marketing. Contact us to schedule a demo.