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Celebrate Community this Holiday Season

Seasons Greetings from SheerID!

As the year ends and the holidays bring us together, my thoughts turn to how our communities help us thrive.

Our personal communities take many forms. The people we see at school or work. The families we’re born to and the ones we’ve chosen. The groups who share our values or our commitment to a cause.

But as diverse as those communities are, they all give us the same thing: the joy of sharing our lives with people we love and respect.

And then there are the communities we may not belong to, but who serve us well: teachers, healthcare workers, the military, and countless other professionals who make our lives easier.

These are the communities our customers support with special offers verified by SheerID. And this holiday season, my colleagues and I wanted to thank those brands by honoring these groups.

In this video, our star-studded cast of SheerID employees reflect on the communities that enrich their lives. From a school librarian whose passion for storytelling touched her students to a doctor who gently guided a new mother through the birth of her children, my colleagues’ stories illustrate the incredible ways these communities nurture and inspire us.

Their stories also remind me that when we build each other up, we all become stronger.

Please join us in celebrating the season by toasting all the communities that bring you joy and meaning. And may 2023 be filled with opportunities to cherish and be cherished by those you love.