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How VIVAIA Is Beating Its Competition in the DTC eCommerce Market

Standing out from competitors is a challenge for all companies, especially for DTC ecommerce brands. And when you're in the apparel category, it’s even harder because consumers usually want to try on products before they purchase them. 

VIVAIA knew this firsthand. The shoe company makes comfortable, sustainable, and stylish shoes, and works hard to set itself apart by providing exceptional customer service. VIVAIA listens closely to its customers, and offers them free shipping and returns worldwide, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

It’s been a winning strategy, so VIVAIA decided to double down by offering its most valuable consumer communities an exclusive discount. VIVAIA’s goal was to acquire new customers and build strong brand relationships that would lead to long-term loyalty and positive word of mouth. 

But the company knew that for its plan to work, the discounts had to be truly exclusive. VIVAIA needed a way to prevent fraud by verifying that only targeted customers could redeem the offers. 

Picking the Right Vendor

After researching potential verification partners, VIVAIA was drawn to SheerID by the glowing reviews from other brands in the industry. SheerID’s Verification Platform allowed VIVAIA to precisely target the groups it wanted to. The platform also had all the functionality necessary to launch a successful campaign. 

These factors, combined with the strong customer service it experienced, led VIVAIA to choose SheerID for its first identity marketing campaign.

Making Customers Feel Special Pays Off

With SheerID on its side, VIVAIA built exclusive discounts for its top consumer communities. SheerID allowed VIVAIA to gate these offers to prevent fraud without disrupting the customer experience. Users just have to provide some basic information to instantly verify their identity.

In November 2021, VIVAIA launched its first identity verification program: a 20% off discount for teachers, students, healthcare workers, and first responders in the US. The program was so successful that VIVAIA added a military offer (including active duty, veterans, retirees, and families) and expanded to include Canadian audiences in October 2022.

The brand promoted the offer via social media, affiliate networks, and email marketing. VIVAIA also used best practices, such as increasing the offer’s visibility by including links to it in the footer of the VIVAIA website—a move that paid off.

"Using SheerID to verify our offer and following its marketing suggestions drove an 817% increase in revenue," said Gloria Yan, Marketing Manager.

When Customers Feel Valued, Conversions and ROAS Soar

VIVAIA’s program grew more than just revenue. In the first month, the brand increased:

  • Conversions by 85%

  • Verifications by 385%

  • ROAS by 787%

This initial success continued as VIVAIA added more programs, with these identity marketing campaigns generating $130k in revenue by November 2022.

Customers have also provided glowing feedback, telling VIVAIA that the offers make them feel valued and that they appreciate the easy and reliable verification process. 

As VIVAIA customer Dr. Alyssa Cole said, "I love that I can comfortably wear VIVAIA shoes both in and outside my clinic. Coworkers and patients are surprised to learn that these shoes are sustainable and  affordable, with a discount specifically for medical professionals.”

Next Step: Breaking into New Markets

VIVAIA loves the support it gets from SheerID, including dedicated account managers and resources that help its team get the most from the platform. In the future, VIVAIA is looking into expanding to reach new communities and new countries and continuing work on brand exposure.

As Gloria Yan put it: “SheerID’s comprehensive verification solution helps us not only drive more conversions but also build loyalty.”

VIVAIA’s Success Can Be Yours

Standing out from competitors and building loyalty is easy when you use exclusive offers to create emotional connections with customers. See for yourself—try SheerID for free.