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New Survey Reveals Teacher Spending Has Skyrocketed – Infographic

A teacher buying classroom supplies using a discount she received through an exclusive, gated offer. Teacher discount usage remains high as out-of-pocket classroom spending soars to $652.

We just completed our annual teacher survey with Agile Education Marketing, and the results are striking.

Teachers spent an average of $652 dollars of their own money on classroom supplies, instructional materials, and professional development – a whopping 39% increase over last year and the highest amount we’ve seen since launching the survey in 2013.

Not surprisingly, saving money remains one of teachers’ highest priorities. Eighty-eighty percent said they actively search for companies that offer a teacher discount, and 83% said they’d choose a retailer that offered one over a competitor that didn’t.

It’s easy for brands to focus their back-to-school campaigns on students, but smart retailers like Target are reaching out to teachers, too. They want to honor teachers’ willingness to pay out-of-pocket to provide what kids need, and they recognize the power and loyalty of the teacher segment. The U.S. has 4 million K-12 teachers with $1.5 billion in spending power, and a vast majority (84%) will recommend companies that offer teacher discounts.

See the infographic below or read our survey press release for the insight you need to help you more effectively tap into this powerful segment.