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Winning Gen Z Is Easy—Support Them Through the Pandemic


The coronavirus vaccines are trickling out, but most college students are still experiencing the loss of all the opportunities and support of an on-campus education. The College Crisis Initiative reports that 1,400 schools have transitioned to online classes for this spring

Brands that step in to show they care will win the hearts and minds of Gen Z—and their business.

SheerID recently conducted a study of over 500 college students across the country that revealed what students want from brands and how they feel about student discounts. Here are some key findings.

Gen Z Immerses Themselves in College

More than 9 in 10 students said they identified more strongly with being in college than they did their religion, family role, hobby, or nationality/cultural background. Brands that recognize this important life stage are already ahead of the game.

Personalized Offers Create a Emotional Connection

When students receive an exclusive offer, 75% feel excited and 62% feel happy and grateful. And giving students a personalized offer creates a lasting bond: 93% said it would positively impact their brand relationship.

Students Buy From Brands That Give Them Discounts

Discounts don’t just make students feel good, they motivate students to buy. Half of students surveyed said a personalized offer would get them to try a new brand, and 45% said it would make them purchase sooner. 

Personalized Offers Create Loyalty

Student discounts impact revenue and loyalty. Nearly seven in ten students said receiving a personalized offer would make them shop at a brand more often, and 38% said it would make them buy more.

In these trying times, brands have an opportunity to ease students’ struggle with exclusive offers. The ones that do will launch brand relationships that outlast the pandemic and endure long after students graduate.

Ready to Capture Gen Z?

Download our new ebook: Students Speak—What They Want from Brands and How You Can Win Their Business. Or contact SheerID to learn how you can deliver digitally verified personalized offers that increase conversions, revenue, and ROI.

Download our new ebook: Students Speak—What They Want from Brands and How You Can Win Their Business.