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Why Brands Should Consider The Role Of Identity When It Comes To Customer Loyalty

Tuft & Needle Feature

The pandemic has marketers witnessing consumers adopting new digital behaviors and brands embracing e-commerce on a new level, forcing them to rethink how to earn consumer loyalty. Many brands have struggled with being present during this crisis, but those who continued to lean in and look for new strategies, have not only found success but continue to find new customers, and have found a group of very loyal customers that will most likely stay with them after the pandemic ends. 

Recently SheerID’s Nicole Campagna joined Torrie Belknap of Tuft and Needle, on the DTC Podcast to discuss how brands like Tuft and Needle have emotionally connected with consumers in these difficult times, and found success by aligning their brand initiatives with performance marketing efforts to create exclusive offers that honor and resonate with target audiences.